Light Out of Darkness

Decorative window, a private electric generator
“jog video art exhibition” Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh

I made this installation during my stay in Bangladesh. Because the electricity and infrastructure are not well equipped in Bangladesh, you can often experience the Blackout. This experience during my stay gave a inspiration of this artwork. When there was a sudden blackout during the exhibition, the generator will be turned on and the lights from the bulbs will shine. The lights from the bulbs shine through the traditional Bangladesh decorative window that is embedded to temporary wall and then reflect the shadow on the floor. Nowadays, the sewing factories from all of the world are built and GDP continues to rise in Bangladesh, however the buildings with the traditional decorative window are vanishing day by day, and the government decided to import the nuclear plant from Russia to supply the stable electricity. With the experience of the large earthquake and nuclear accident in 2011, I expressed my view as one of Japanese that is need to face how we cope with our lives with electricity with this installation by reflecting now and future of Bangladesh.


Installation View