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Unnecessary article, drawing, photo, motor
“Itoshima International Art Festival 2014″ Itoshima Arts Farm, Fukuoka, Japan

**collaboration with Zihan Karim from Bangladesh

This display is at Satoyama (Countryside forest) where local people used to pay a visit for paying their great harvest. However, people stopped visiting the mountain because of an aging society and changes of the life-style. It is one of the current realities that you can often see in Japan. In this time of display, I visited about 60 houses around the area, handed out tickets and also asked to donate the goods that they didn’t want to use anymore. I created this installation space by combining the goods, posting up drawings and making sounds by scratching with a motor. By this project we can examine the dilution in the local community by using the arts that may be difficultly rooted in the community.


Installation view