Where it is one day

“jog video art exhibition” Shilpakala Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh

This installation was made during my stay in Bangladesh. At the festival in Bangladesh, you can buy a pinwheel at a cheap price on the street. Children ask their parents to buy those pinwheels and run through the wind with it. In this artwork, about 600 pinwheels on the ground were spinning around by using power of the wind from the electrical fan on the ceiling that you often can see inside of houses in Bangladesh. The pinwheels swing and turn with rustling sound in the wind which echo through the gallery. When the inside lights are turned off audiences must wait until their eyes adjust to the darkness and will hear the sound in the darkness. Creating the time and space to connect with the sound in their memory in front of them, this artwork is aimed to examine the relation between a sense of psychological distance and the visual function.


Installation View