To settle to the bottom of something and stagnate

Water, Soil, Fog system, Wood panel, Single channel video (19min 46sec.)
Daecheong Ho Museum of Art

Collaboration with Yonly Che

This work was created to be displayed at the Daecheong Ho Museum of Art, which is located next to a gigantic dam lake in Cheongju City, Korea. I recreated Thought of Darkness, which I created in 2014 on “Hachinosu-jo (Beehive castle) movement,” the largest anti-dam movement in Japan. The process started from translating the tanka poetries written by Kazuyuki Murohara, a central figure in the movement, from Japanese to Korean with the help of a Zainichi artist, Yonly Che. I discussed with Ms Che about what is needed to fill the poetics that is lost in the process of translation. The translated texts point out the relationship and what is in-between poetry and words, first language and the language of her mother country, as well as words and the state.